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Condo Buying Guide

There has been a high demand for condos and other homes in the major cities due to the increasing number of people who are migrating to cities. This is also attributed to the high population growth rate. Condominiums are considered as one of the most affordable options for the buyers. Some of the main factors that need to be considered when purchasing a condo unit include location, number of tenants occupying the units and age of the units, available amenities et.c  Buyers who are looking for condos in Mississauga should consider Erin Square Condos. This article is going to discuss these factors in details.

Quality of Construction

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Checking the quality of construction is going to help you in finding out if the units have any material and design defects. In most cases, poor quality of workmanship is manifested in the early life of condos. Some of the defects that can affect the life of your property include poor sound insulation. Correcting these issues might end up increasing the cost to owners in the future. This means that you should purchase a unit that has been built by an experienced, reputable condominium builder. You should ask the realtor to find out if the materials used in making the unit are of high quality.


Location is one of the main factors that need to be considered when buying a property. Both the neighbourhood and the future’s prospect for development in certain areas should always be considered. Consider transportation and demographics. Transit users are advised to look for units that can be accessed easily. Additionally, you should think about the shopping mall, food marts, plazas, recreational options and parks in that area. Both your future and current need can help you in choosing a suitable location.


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These units come with different amenities. It is up to the owner to decide what matters most to him or her. Some of the key amenities that every condominium should have are a good gym, guest house and swimming pool. Other units might include a private theatre, car wash or party room. It is therefore important to determine which amenities are essential for you. You should remember that this will affect the monthly maintenance fee of the unit that you are interested in.


Most condominiums have limited parking spaces. It is advisable to purchase units that offer parking spaces to every bedroom unit. Purchasing a parking space is very costly in the major towns and cities. Units that come with parking slots are known for having a higher value than those that don’t have one.