Can you imagine sifting through the refrigerator when you are looking for a small jar? This can be very hectic at times when everything is cluttered in your refrigerator. Sometimes you might even be forced to give up on your search. Well, that is not the best way of doing things. The following are the cheap and smart ways of organizing a refrigerator.

Using bins or drawers in your freezer

This is one of the great ways of organizing a freezer and saving space. This will ensure that no items are cluttered. Everything that you are looking for will be located easily when there is adequate space in the freezer. Again this will save you from pulling out the contents of your freezer, some of which you might be unable to fit them back where they were.

Avoid keeping milk in the freezer’s door

Keeping this product in the door might force you to open and close your fridge so many times making the milk to go bad faster because the temperature at the door keep on varying. Instead, milk should be kept on the shelf. This will help in extending the shelf life of your milk and keeping your fridge organized.

Thawing foods should be kept at the bottom

Foods such as seafood and mead should be stored on the lower shelves. This will help in getting rid of any drips which might occur. By so doing, any blood run off will not contaminate the other products.

Taking photos of your fridge before going out for shopping

This will ensure that you do not buy something which you already have. It will also help you in figuring out what you need and not to overdo your shopping. You should always remember that your freezer cannot accommodate everything. Applying your knowledge to save some space one can do this by knowing the products that need chilling such as vegetable and fruits. Other products such as tomatoes and onions should not be chilled.

Using a binder clip to hold drinks

Some drinks such as soda, water, and beer can be stacked in a pyramid. This is one way of saving space in your fridge. You do not have to store such drinks in the entire shelf.



Many companies sell refrigerator drawers. These drawers will help you in coordinating your food items by putting them into their respective categories. Each category should have its own drawer.