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Getting Rid of Bats in the Attic

At a good distance, bats are excellent neighbors. If they invade your space, it becomes another story altogether. The following are ways of getting rid of bats from your attic. When you keep them at a good distance, they can help you with mosquito control as they feed on them. When bats reside in your attic, they will produce droppings that result in bad odor and structural damage. This may lead to the growth of fungi that may cause serious respiratory problems.

Eliminating bats from the attic is not quite easy, particularly for beginners. If you want to remove the bats, you should consider hiring experts such as Raleigh NC bat removal. You can find experts who specialize in animal removal for several years. You can use their tips to get rid of bats. The following are some important tips to consider:

Know Your Neighbors

bat removal and controlNowadays, there are several types of bats across the world. Depending on the area, you will have either brig brown bats or little brown bats. The females can form colonies in your attic where they plan to give birth. After birth, the young ones will leave the building and live in caves. This is the case during winter. However, the big brown bats will hibernate inside your home even during winter. They are your guests during those times.

Understand What They Like

In most cases, bats are attracted to chimneys and attics. Just like squirrels, raccoons, and other small home invaders, bats can quickly detect changes in the air pressure and easily find their ways into your home. As soon as they get inside, they will find the walls and confined spaces. The fact that they like high temperatures means that the heat generated by the attic is quite favorable. They will sleep during the day and roam at night.

Ignore Quick Fixes

bat removalThe truth is that there no efficient bat repellents currently on the market. Unfortunately, there are many companies that sell such products. Animal urines, sprays, lights, and noisemakers work only as temporary solutions. However, there are no easy fixes when it comes to bat removal.

How they Get Into Your Home

You need to determine the manner in which they enter and exit your home. The fact that this may be happening in upper areas of the house, you need a ladder. You will be surprised to learn that they can enter your home through very small holes.