Guide on How to Buy Best Gas Grills Under $200

Perfect steaks, roasts, and chops are what most people love during vacations and summer outings. All these require a good quality gas grill. Hunting for a good barbecue grill is a task that comes with challenges. Most gas grill brands come with different prices and can be hard to pinpoint the best grill that falls in within the budget while still serving the grilling needs one needs. However, one can still find an affordable gas grill that serves the purpose. Below are the factors to consider when looking for best gas grills under $200.

The Amount of Cooking Space

The amount of cooking space to consider in a gas grill is often dictated by the amount of food to cook. Most people think that cheap grills under $200 come with a confined cooking space. However, some models come with over 400 square inches of cooking and warming racks. Such amount of space is a perfect choice as it allows even distribution of heat. An additional warming rack ensures that food remains warm at all time so guests won’t eat cold food.


Most gas grills under $200 come with detailed assembly instructions. Besides, they also include estimated assembly time. No one would ever fancy a grill that takes too long to assemble. It is good to consider assembly instructions before buying one. Some brands come with stands that can be taken off and made tabletop grills.

Portability and Compactness

Grills that weigh not more than 30 lbs are great for on-the-go grillers. They can be used for barbecuing in apartments, patios, road trips and camps. In most cases, the build materials determine the weight of a grill. A perfect balance between the two is good for those who want durable yet lightweight grills. The portability often goes hand in hand with the number of burners. A gas grill with at least two burners is suitable for effective grilling. All in all, a portable gas grill is easy to carry around and set up. The compactness makes it easy for a grill to maintain heat. This allows for even barbecuing.

Controls Matter

Ergonomic design with easy-to-use control knobs is great for a hassle-free grilling experience. When shopping for one, it is advisable to consider the distance between the gas regulator and the handle. Those with short distances can make control stressful.

Lid Handle Heat Resistance and Height

One may need to check the progress of their food often. Grills with lid handles that don’t heat up are adored. Additionally, a tall lid allows for more grilling space.

Build and Construction Quality

The durability of a gas grill is key when buying one. No one would wish to buy a grill every summer season. Apart from other additional features, ensuring that a grill is sturdy and durable is a big step. Some are made from heavy-duty aluminum while others are made of stainless steel. With a budget of $200, one can still find a grill with a rugged design that is built to last.


Most people think that expensive grills are always the best. However, there are good grills that can be found at a budget of $200. Assembly, cooking space, portability, design and built and controls are some of the factors to consider when shopping for a gas grill under $200.